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Lip: $20 
Chin: $25 
Sides: $35 
Full face: $80・ 45 min
Full face & brow: $100・ 1 hr

The Art of Threading:
Threading, an ancient Indian hair removal process has been a celebrity secret for the past few years and is now becoming popular beyond the boundaries of New York City and Los Angeles.

​Threading is performed by twisting a loop of thread around one's fingers and running it over the skin, plucking unwanted hair out at the root without pinching the skin. It removes hair quickly in a precise line. Threading is one of the best hair removal options for eyebrows and other facial hairs, however it is not recommended for larger areas or bikini line.

There are several advantages to threading over other hair removal processes. Unlike waxing, threading doesn't remove the skin and can be performed across the entire face. Also, the cool thread does not leave the skin red and there is no chance of getting a burn, making threading an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin. Unlike tweezing, threading grabs the most minute of hairs and re-growth tends to be slower and finer-particularly with coarse hormonal hairs on the chin.
People with sensitive skin have great results without the risk of breakouts thanks to the ultra gentle threading technique combined with Cheryl's special products such as Enessa Clove Micro-Cyst Oil.


Cheryl Lucid has been performing threading for years and has built a dedicated clientele in San Francisco addicted to this amazing and easy hair-removal process.​

"My face feel so soft and I don't have that nasty red mark under my nose," gushed one client. "I love the way my brows look and I don't get the breakouts I usually get from waxing."  So give threading a try and you may be hooked! 

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