Lucid Beauty Esthetician Bios

Cheryl Lucid


Since childhood, Cheryl Lucid has been interested in skincare. Over the past decade she has been honing her aesthetician skills, creating a unique selection of skincare options from complete facials to eyebrow sculpting.


Since the early nineties, she worked at several high-end Bay-Area salons including the Skylonda Spa in Woodside, CA and San Francisco's popular77 Maiden Lane Spa and Salon as well as Louie Hair Salon. Over the years, Cheryl watched many salons lose the personal touches that might have made their client's treatments unique. Instead the salons were turning into skincare factories treating the masses with the same products. Cheryl knew that there was a better way to treat clients and give them each an individualized skincare experience.


Always interested in giving her clients the best treatments available, Cheryl learned the hair-removal technique known as "threading" from a world-renown esthetician in Los Angeles, who has been performing "threading" on the faces of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek and Cher. Cheryl is so committed to her mentor's instruction that she even uses the same special thread and powder to achieve similar beautiful results on her own clients.

Cheryl opened her own salon space in 2003 with the goal of offering her clients complete one-on-one skincare consultations and building a relationship with them over time to help them meet their skincare needs.


"Although I have had other facials in San Francisco, Cheryl's light touch and sharp eye made such a difference in my skin texture," commented one recent client. "For days after my first facial with Cheryl, people were coming up to me commenting on how beautiful and clear my skin was-I've never had that happen before.

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