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Clear acne and scarring from the root with this natural, non-chemical peel, and microdermabrasion treatment.  We recommend adding LED light therapy for its soothing, healing, antibacterial benefits.  Sign up for a series, and watch your skin transform before your eyes! 

Single 60 min. treatment $225 (includes LED) 
Series of six 60 min. 
Treatments $1350 -includes an acne home care kit ($150 value)

Testimonials from Yelp



In the 26 years I've been on this planet, half of them *literally* have been spent finding ways to clear up my complexion.  Exfoliating scrubs, masks, peels, overnight creams, microderm, facials, Proactive, Accutane, Birth Control, Retina-A... 
Christina P. of Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA


I cannot thank Cheryl and Lucid Beauty enough for improving my skin. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial...I am 31 and have been trying to tackle my acne, skin discoloration and combination skin for the past 13 years. Because I have Mediterranean skin, I scar badly which has also left me searching for scar treatments as well. I've tried pharmaceuticals, Pro-Active, high-end department store and drugstore remedies and nothing has really worked the way my peels and skin care regimen now do.
Alexa H. of San Francisco, CA


I really hope people read this and believe it.

I was still living with regular acne at age 30 and I decided I was done with it. I thought I would need to see a dermatologist, but I was recommended here first. Cheryl sold me on the 6-pack acne facial + product treatment and I'm very happy with the results.
Meredyth M. of San Francisco, CA


Banish breakouts for good!

Lucid Beauty's Acne Clear Treatment, combined with our specially formulated 2-step acne home care, works like a miracle.


It clears even the most stubborn acne and scarring by going deep down to kill the bacteria that causes pimples and cystic acne.

It will help prevent new acne from forming by cleaning layers below the surface of the skin.

With each in-salon treatment, we will work to extract acne and resurface scarring, revealing smooth, clear skin.

We recommend a series of 6 weekly treatments to get the maximum results. 
Watch your skin transform before your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Acne Clear Facial?
We use an enzyme-based peel specially formulated to clear acne-prone skin, combined with a micro- dermabrasion, extractions, and a soothing, healing mask to finish.

Is it safe for all skin types?
Yes, it works for all skin types and colors. It's even safe during pregnancy.

Can you clear up severe acne?

Yes, you will start to see a difference within the first couple of treatments. Most people's acne is totally gone after six weeks, but for some clients it takes 2 back-to-back series, for a total of twelve weeks.

What other products can I use?

We require that our Acne Series clients use only the products that we recommend: a cleanser, a treatment cream, and a mineral sunblock during the duration of the series.

What happens after my 6-week series?

Maintenance is simple. You will stay on a customized home care plan and come in for a facial once a month.

How do you know this will work for me?

We invite you to come in for a free consultation so we can talk about your skin together. We have used this treatment for several years and have never had an unsatisfied client. We know how frustrating acne can be and if you follow our instructions, we know we can help you! 

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